The environment begins at home – interior design for the energy conscious

It’s easy to be lax in your home when it comes to energy efficiency. Why should I be energy efficient? you might ask yourself, I’ve got enough cash to live like a money burning sultan!

While that might be true, it’s not exactly the most effective way to design your home. But that doesn’t seem to affect the majority – in a survey undertaken by The University of Chicago, the majority of people asked were more likely to value the economy over economic change.

But without an energy efficient home, you’re putting yourself out of pocket and contributing to the ever-rising and increasingly irreversible tide of global climate change.

So, how can you jazz up your home to make it more energy efficient? You can start by insulating your windows, walls and garage door in Peoria, AZ.

Make your windows big, bright and practical

Optimising your windows should be your first port of call when it comes to making the most of energy from outdoors. With large windows you’ll be able to welcome the natural warmth into your home.

To stop those heat-filled rays escaping, fit some double glazing to retain more heat and keep out the cold for those chilly months.

More than this, the sunlight let in from large windows will oxygenate your rooms, making them brighter and healthier spaces. So, make your window space eco-optimal.

Plug up those walls

With insulated walls, you could, according to charity organisation the Energy saving Trust, save up to £140 on heating bills every year.

While it can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, insulating your walls will make your home a heck of a lot toastier and cut down on those heating bills.

Make foil your friend

You might think that people using tinfoil for anything other than cooking are either mad conspiracy theorists or fashion students on a budget (incidentally, the only point in a Venn diagram where those groups intersect).

However, by stretching some tinfoil behind your radiators you’ll be able to reflect the heat lost in walls back into the more useful area of your room. Admittedly, this is a bit of a balancing act from a design perspective, so make sure your foil is tastefully implemented and not jutting out from your radiator like discarded wrapping paper.

Praise the sun with solar panels

We spend a pointless amount of cash on environmentally unsustainable fossil fuels to keep our homes fully juiced with electricity. Although these fuels will probably always be used until they run out, you can put them on the backburner with the help of solar panels.

By attaching a couple of solar panels onto your home, you’ll be able to use a sustainable power source whenever the sun rears its head.